Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science 
University of Latvia







Andrejs Spektors, Dr. Phys., Head 

Ilze Auzina (Aboltina), Dr. Philol., Scientist 

Everita Andronova (Milconoka), Master of Arts, Philology, PhD student, Assistant 

Normunds Gruzitis, Master of Computer Science, PhD student of Computer Science, Assistant 

Sanita Berzina, Master of Arts, Folklore, PhD student of Philology, Linguist 

Gunta Nespore, Master of Arts, Philology, PhD student of Philology, Linguist 


Maija Baltina, Dr. Philol., Senior Scientist 

Inguna Skadina, Dr. Computer Science, Senior Scientist 

Baiba Krauze - Kruze, Master of Arts, Philology,  Linguist 

Kristine Levane, Master of Arts, Linguist 

Valters Rostoks, undergraduate student of Computer Science, Laboratory Assistant 


Ugis Sarkans, Dr. Computer Science,  was in AI Lab Staff from february 1989 till October 1997  

Anita Ozolina, Bachelor of Computer Science, was in AI Lab Staff from October 1988 till April 1996  


Financed by the Latvian Council of Sciences 

Application of Factiorized Methods in English-Latvian Statistical Machine Translation System (2009-1012)

Evaluation of Statistical Machine Translation Methods for English-Latvian Translation system (2005-2008)

Development of Methodology for Acquisition of Linguistic Knowledge of the Latvian Language 

A Limited Machine Translation Model for Latvian 

Development of Data Base of the Latvian Historical Texts and Computer Aided Processing and Analysis of these Texts. 

Participation in International Projects 

Copernicus Project 58 . ONOMASTICA - COPERNICUS. Multi - Language Pronounciation of Names in Central and Eastern European Countries 

Copernicus Concerted Action 1028 . Trans - European Language Resources Infrastructure ( TELRI ) . 

An Automatised Analysis of Latvian Language Texts . Joint Project with the University of Stockholm. See publication.

Universal Networking Language.

Other projects

The Latvian Language on the Web.

Latvian culture on the Web

Internet Term Bank

Latvian for beginners

Latvian Sign Language

Latvian for Native Speakers

Latvian Texts

Corpus of the first printed Latvian texts

History of Culture

Cultural Heritage of Riga

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