Inguna Skadiòa

Curriculum vitae



1984 - 1989 University of Latvia, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, student

1993 - 1996 University of Latvia, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, PhD student

January, 1993 – March, 1993 – research studies at Stockholm university

April, 1994 – October, 1994 – research studies at Lund University (Sweden)

January, 1995 – April, 1995 – research studies at the Centre of Language Technology, the University of Copenhagen

July, 2000 - NATO Advanced Study Institute on Language Engineering for Lesser Studied Languages

Academic Degrees

1989 Mathematician

1994 Mag. Comp. Sc.

1997 Dr. Comp. Sc., "Latvian Language Modelling for Artificial Intelligence Systems"

2009 professor, Liepâja University

Research activities

Research interests: machine translation, computational morphology and syntax


Projects financed by the Latvian Council of Sciences :

·         1994-1996 "Limited Model of Automated Machine Translation System for Latvian", project manager

·         1997-2000 "Development of Probabilistic Methods for Automated Disambiguation of Natural Language Texts and Applications for Machine Translation", project manager

·         2001-2004 "Automated synthesis of language independent text representation", project manager

·         2005-2008  “Evaluation of statistical Machine Translation methods for English-Latvian translation system”, project manager

·         since 2009  Application of Factored methods in English-Latvian Statistical Machine Translation System”, project manager


International projects:



List of publications





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